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Hello Brave!

My name is Krista Gawronski. It is my mission to awaken the passion, humanity, and divine purpose that lives in every breathing soul. When a person embraces this higher consciousness, they can effectively carry out their philanthropic goals and express the highest version of themselves.This becomes a brave expression of “Heartistry” in which soul, personal story, and divine guidance align together to elevate love and positive energy in the world. All inspired action is met with the same intention...to bring forward the highest good for all.  For 25 years I have been collecting stories, creating a charitable identity, coordinating philanthropic events, and exploring different forms of education and leadership training to help people find their larger purpose for living. Time and time again I arrive at the same answer…We are here to love.  

My unique experience as a corporate trainer, writer, nonprofit leader, and Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner has gifted me an incredible perspective about the world and the human spirit. We are resilient beings and compassion has the power to transform energy in any person, situation, or environment  It can heal trauma and grief that can take residence in our psyche, our bodies, and our homes. It can awaken joy, ignite creativity, and strengthen relationships in our family, on the job, and in our community.

My desire is to raise the collective consciousness so that we can spend less time searching and scrambling and more time being present and purposeful. Yes, possibility lives everywhere when we recognize that we are in collaboration with the Universe at all times, and our individual stories are taking us through a series of life lessons and transformation. Everything in our lives is unfolding with great purpose and divinity.

Over the years, I have organized hundreds of fundraisers and facilitated soul circles and workshops that engage the human spirit.  I recognize the importance of creating space for people to connect, share their stories, and dialogue about their obstacles and tales of resilience. It is normal for people to question their existence, ponder their career, evaluate their personal and spiritual well being, and reconstruct their higher goals around relationships, work and social impact.  

Human beings are sophisticated at every level.  Our anatomy, biological makeup, social habits, spiritual connections, and our mental health are providing us with vital energy to sustain life.  We simply cannot separate mind, body, and spirit from any human equation. We have the capacity to heal ourselves and one another through love, take small ideas and bring them into large tangible form, elevate the state of humanity, and evolve spiritually over time.  We draw energy from everywhere, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, community, industry, media…etc. This is why we must see ourselves as part of the solutions of the world. We are not separate. Being human means that we hold responsibility for ourselves but we also understand that we are actively contributing energy to our surrounding environment and success as a human race.


It is always our choice to keep learning, nurturing our creativity, and expressing our compassion. Our charitable contributions will always relate back to how we bring this kind energy forward to the rest of the world.  This is the essence of “Heartistry,” and it transcends time and space and can be applied to every area of life. You see, the Universe will ask us repeatedly to look at who we are at a soul level and how can we cultivate the highest good for ourselves, loved ones, and the community that surrounds us.

I AM a teacher of this philosophy. I can hold intimate conversations in a living room, formal discussions in a business setting, fun presentations in a classroom, or do a keynote address at a conference center. My goal is to show people how magical they are simply by being present and authentic.  In the ideal world we do not compromise a single part of ourselves. Instead, we shall align our heart and spirit with our physical roles in the world, and our story shall become a tale of perseverance and service.

If you have ever had a desire to elevate love and positive energy in your relationships, work, or community then let’s explore Heartistry together. It would be my pleasure to mentor you personally, create a discussion topic for your group or organization, or design a service program around your team. It’s time to awaken the human spirit, but let us always begin with ourselves first.

With Kindness and Gratitude,                                                                          

Krista Gawronski