"Dare to Shine allows everyone to be who they are without apology." - kg

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In 2016 I started a social circle for people to connect in my community called, "Dare to Shine."  

It is an insightful group that hosts powerful discussions about life.  These gatherings are educational and inspirational where the participants in the group take turns teaching and learning. We have addressed the challenge of balancing joy and work, the ever changing roles associated with parenting and local citizenship, following passion, focusing on health and personal well being, listening to intuition, tending to grief, transitioning through life cycles, and being authentic. It is a support system for anyone exploring questions about life and designing their “Heartistry.”

We are all talented, creative, passionate human beings who have the capacity to elevate energy and love in the world, and this group has become fearless and intentional about understanding the nuances of life. We celebrate the healers, teachers, artists, volunteers, and peacemakers who have decided to raise the consciousness of the world through their work, art, and stories.

You see, we have a lot to learn about the human condition, how to live healthier lives, and how to peacefully coexist. In this group we share tools, opinions and strategies that are intended to empower one another. We look at success in terms of spiritual fulfillment. We understand that the quality of our lives has everything to do with compassion, self improvement, and personal investments of time, energy and love in humanity.


We are unafraid to talk about things that are messy and uncomfortable because they are a part of the human experience.  We share delicious food and good wine, we pick each other up, and we toast each other's successes. We look forward to changing the world, but we are unafraid to start with ourselves first.


This is a noncompetitive space for people to grow and everyone is welcome.

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